Website Translation

The centrality of the internet is rapidly expanding in the global economy. Today, all businesses require websites as a primary tool in branding, positioning and marketing. Websites often serve as the main point of contact between the client and the company and its product. The website must transmit the message exactly, and present the company in an intelligent and articulate manner – and this requires first-rate translation skills.

The internet reader’s presence on the website is continuously active. The reader may at any moment close the window, move to the competitor’s website or simply lose patience and surf to a more inviting site (such as social networks or news). A website which addresses its potential clients in their own language, clearly and easily understood, has an obvious advantage. Furthermore, translation of a website can provide an immediate boost in sales. An internet user will remain on a website written in his native language, and of course this increases the possibility that he will make a purchase.

The website translation team at Hoffmann Translations consists of experts in creating, designing and translating websites, as well as experts in graphic design of web content. Our translation services include localization of the content and character of the website to the target audience and culture. Our expert translators can translate any format into any language. In addition, we will be happy to make textual modifications and adjustments in order to match the written content to the visual aspects of the website.

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