Article Translation

Academic Translation

Translation of academic articles is a highly complex task, requiring considerable expertise in academic writing, together with familiarity with the field of the text in question. A scholar will immediately recognize whether an article was translated by someone familiar with his field. Different academic disciplines ( e.g. natural sciences, social sciences or humanities) require completely different writing styles. Even within the broad academich categories (e.g. humanities), sub-disciplines have their own distinct vocabulary and writing styles. Academic translation therefore demands expertise even at the sub-disciplinary levels.

At Hoffmann Translations we allocate each article to a translator who is a specialist in the field, and who will translate the article at a level appropriate for publication in an academic journal. We are well networked within Israeli academia and employ translators from the major academic institutions, providing first-rate translation services. At Hoffmann Translations, academic translations are our specialty!

Translation of academic articles for students

We are fully aware that in addition to the research community, students also require articles to be translated. As these translations are usually needed by students for their own educational needs and not for publication purposes, we offer students an express translation service for the translation of academic articles. Please contact us for more details.

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