Document Translation

We offer translation services for all types of documents: from various certificates, license papers and bureaucratic documents to tender proposals, user guides, academic and magazine articles, news stories and film scripts. The diversity of our staff enables us to accept any translation assignment and produce results at the highest level. On our team we have experts in legal translation, medical translation, technical translation, localization, engineering translation, academic translation and more. We also work with several senior translators who are experts in the translation of  literature and/or poetry.

Thanks to our large pool of translators, we are able to produce excellent results even under considerable pressure, when necessary dividing the work between several translators.

Our team includes experts in English-to-Hebrew translation, Hebrew-to-English translation and translation to and from all other languages. We provide our translation services in the shortest possible time frame, while strictly maintaining the high professional standards of the translation and the quality of our service.


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