Legal Translation

Translation of legal documents requires uncompromising professionalism and meticulousness, as well as complete confidentiality.

In order to remain faithful to the original, legal translation requires a command of legal terminology both in the original and target languages. In order to achieve an accurate translation, the translator must understand both the content of the document and be familiar with the nuances of the legal terms involved. At Hoffmann Translations, our legal translations are in the hands of certified lawyers for whom the target language is a mother tongue. Our legal translators have many years of experience which serve as a guarantee for the excellence of their translations.

We offer the following translation services: patent applications translation, company protocols translation, translation of statements under oath, translation of court documents, translation of legal agreements, translation of contracts, translation of legal articles, routine translation services for law firms and notaries, translation of prenuptial agreements, translation of divorce settlements, translation of court rulings, translation of apostilles, translation of commercial agreements, notary translation and more.

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