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Today’s global world is based on constant interactions between people of diverse cultures, backgrounds and nationalities. By definition, such a global world of business, exchange of ideas and knowledge requires multi-lingual interactions. Translation has thus become an indispensable tool for the global economy and global community.

At Hoffmann Translations, we offer a broad range of experienced translators in a wide variety of languages. Our unique network of contacts enables us to locate expert translators even for relatively obscure languages. If absolutely necessary, we can also translate via a third, intermediary language. Our commitment to excellence is expressed in the thorough quality assurance process which we apply to all of our translations.

Many of our translators live in the countries where the target language is spoken – a daily immersion which enables them to be proficient in the latest trends and slang.

At Hoffmann Translations we translate into and from all languages.

Languages in which we specialize include:

English               German               Russian               Arabic

French                Dutch                  Ukrainian           Hebrew

Italian                 Swedish              Polish                  Yiddish

Spanish               Danish                Romanian           Chinese

Portuguese        Norwegian          Czech                  Japanese

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