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Need something translated? Need a translation from Hebrew of any kind of document? Need an express translation? Hoffmann Translations is a translation agency which specializes in fast, professional translations from Hebrew to English. At Hoffmann Translations we understand there is an ongoing need for high quality professional translations from Hebrew to English. We offer translation services for institutions large and small, for individuals and for businesses.

At Hoffmann Translations we only employ experienced translators who are expert in the many fields of translation. Our translators are completely bilingual, fluent in both languages at a native level. Our extensive panel of translators enables us to provide the match for any task. Knowledge of the original and target language at a native level is not sufficient for professional translation. Every document belongs to a different world of content and therefore requires a translator who specializes in the terms and concepts of the given world of content. For example, article translation from Hebrew to English will be executed by an expert in the specific academic discipline; legal translation will be carried out by a lawyer or legal expert; technical translation will be done by an engineer etc.

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